DVD Copying with Subtitles


I copied a few dvds with english subtitles with DVD X COPY Express. I copied just the movie and english subtitles. The movie was fine, but the subtitles only seemed to appear for a few secs after the selection.

Has anyone noticed this problem ? Is anyone using a copy program with no problems with the subtitles ?


Hello and welcome to the forum!

Yes, I copy movies with subtitles all the time. I have most of the current transcoders and none gives any trouble, so I wonder if the problem lies with your playback…

Have you tried using a software DVD player like PowerDVD/WinDVD? Or have you tried an alternative stand alone machine? Are you experiencing any other anomalous behaviour with your copies, apart from the reluctant subs?



Thanks for the welcome

I am playing them back using WinDVD. I initially copied a few Japanese DVDs with english subtitles and has a quick play of them and thought they were ok. The pictures are always ok. But when I select the english subtitles and the subtitles appear to appear for the first few scenes (1-2 mins) then disappear. Even though still selected.

A little confused. Thought it may be a space problem so I cleared some of my hard drive for play back (about 2 gig) . But problem still exists.

I am trying DVDShrink now to see if that helps, but a little lost as too why the subtitles appear then dissappear. Obviously they have been copied.

This only appears to be a problem when Playing on the PC DVD player as when I played the copies on a mates standard DVD player they work fine. Has anyone seen anything like this before? Is it a problem with PC DVD players ?