DVD copying slooowwing down



I am a newbie to CDfreaks so be gentle… I have been burning DVD’s for a couple of months with no problems…

I have a Dell Dimension 8400 with 2-160g configured in RAID 0 SATA Hardrives and 1g of Ram, with 2 Plextor PX716A DVD copiers. I have been copying DVD’s using Nero and for months they would take about 6 or 7 minutes to copy a DVD using Memorex 16X speed -dvd’s. This past week for some unknown reason it slowed and is now taking an hour to do the same copy… I formatted and reinstalled Windows XP … it didn’t help… I am still experiencing the same slow performance…

I have tried unistalling the drivers and reinstalling, uninstalling Nero and reinstalling, updating the Firmware from the manufacture (Plextor) and still no improvement. I have read some information on changing the settings from PIO to DMA on the DVD drives but I can’t find any setting to make this change… or if this change would work.

Can some one … anyone… please help?


Are you aware of the “Search Function”? Try ‘enable DMA’ and this might help.
There, was that gentle enough?


For OTF copying I can recommend CloneCD.
For all other image related stuff DVDDecrypter is the answer.
Just forget Nero for that tasks!

If you have IAA installed, you have to deal with it.
Otherwise, see: http://www.nero.com/eng/FAQs_Windows.html#3