DVD Copying Problems



I have read many suggestions on how to optimize the burning conditions. What I thought I found worked best was to use Decrypter to copy the DVD onto my HDD, then defragment the drive and reboot. After I then use DVDShrink, if needed, to compress the DVD files on my HDD, then reboot. Finally, I burn using Sonic RecordNow. I use DVDInfoPro to test for Read errors as a measure of the quality of the burn ( I understand that watching the DVD is the best way, but this saves time). However, I am still getting read errors on some DVDs.

I am using a Sony D56A burner with Sony DVD+R (Media ID: Sony). Only other thing I could think of is to slow down the burn speed from 8x…unfortunately, RecordNow doesn’t allow for that option, at least my version.


And another thing…a movie which seemed to have burned fine according to DVDInfoPro scan, just froze as I was watching it. Also, I notice on my burns that for scenes that are darker, I can see background flickering. I don’t know if this is just a consequence of video compression or not.


Hello :slight_smile:

  1. Have you tried with different media?

  2. In my experience (which may differ from others’…), the best burns are achieved with Decrypter in ISO mode (ISO created by Shrink).
    Furthermore, Decrypter will allow you to reduce the speed if it is supported by the media and the burner.

  3. I can see no reason whatsover to reboot the PC between the ripping and the Shrink treatment. :confused: - make no sense to me.

  4. “I am still getting read errors on some DVDs”
    What kind of read errors?


I actually used the ISO mode in Decrypter first but then Shrink wouldn’t open the ISO file…it seemed to only recognize the VOB files when I ripped in File Mode. The read errors I am getting are the CRC? Read errors…when DVDInfoPro scans the disk and either green, white or red boxes show up.

Another thing that is weird is that some fully green burned movies freeze on my standalone DVD playerm though if I rewind to the same point again, it will continue playing. Furthermore, on the DVD drive for my laptop there is no problem…Is this a DVD+/-R compatability issue or is my cheap Costco KOSS DVD player just not handling welll?


“I actually used the ISO mode in Decrypter first but then Shrink wouldn’t open the ISO file.”

That’s normal, Shrink can’t open ISO files. This was not my point, which was to BURN isos with Decrypter after having generated them with Shrink :slight_smile:

So you didn’t try with different medias than the Sony, did you?


Sure it can. File -> Open Disc Image. (v. :stuck_out_tongue:

Troubleshoot the problem, one factor at a time. As suggested, try burning with DVDDecrypter. Try different media. And if you’re using full-face stickon labels, stop doing that. Tell us how things go. Good luck. :wink:


Burned using Nero at 6x and the DVD looks good on DVDInfoPro. Will have to watch it through though to see if there are errors. I have used Verbatim media and good quality Memorex before.

Do you suggest burning with DVD-R media though? Will my DVD player be less picky about the DVD burn? Like i said earlier, the InfoPro shows no CRC errors even though it was freezing on my stand alone.


“Will my DVD player be less picky about the DVD burn”

That’s a possibility…

Though you have to know that no CRC errors doesn’t mean excellent burn! As you have DVDInfopro, have you performed transfert rate tests on some of the media that freeze? And PIE/PO/PIF scanning?


Go here and search your model number, i.e. Koss ___:


See if your player has any known issues. It’s possible, I suppose. The Koss brand name has been put on dozens of different player models. Good luck. :wink:


What do those other analyses by InfoPro tell me?