DVD copying problem

I have bought 2 PlayStation 2 games:Fifa Street and Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 and I ´ve wanted to copy them.I opened Nero and started to copy and it came near the end and then an error come out and it stopped burning.I don´t know what to do and how to copy them(Alcohol,Nero…).Thank you in advance :bow:

Well, in general, don’t ever do a straight DVD to DVD copy (which it sounds like you’re doing)… That could be part of the problem.

AFAIK, it’s usually more difficult than that to copy console games. And you’ll certainly need a Mod Chipped PS2 to play em back.

Like tehGrue said, first you’ll need a mod chip, second an easy way to backup PS2 games,
is to use Dvddecrypter selecting the ISO Read mode and ISO Write mode! Third i’d recommend to use quality media for backups!