Dvd copying problem with nero

hi ive just joined this site and forgive me if im being thick but how the hell do you burn a dvd using nero i cannot get it to work,the file in question is hellboy dvd rip format i drag and drop same way i would for a music file nero then says analising file, when its done this it attempts to start burning, next thing i know is the cd drawer is opening and a meesage comes up saying the disc inserted is the wrong type of disc, how can this be as its a normal everyday dvdr that u use for this type of thing, its actually telling me to insert a cdr which are of course only 700mb in size and not big enough to store a film on what am i doing wrong can anyone help?? i dont have a problem burning music just films, you can reply to me direct at crewebloke2005@yahoo.co.uk hope someone can be of help its doing my head in.


file in question is hellboy dvd rip format

What is that? Do you have the original DVD?

If you use nero vision express this gives the options to create a VCD, SVCD or miniDVD, select DVD instead.
Or just use Nero Recode to create your new dvd, this has no CD options.

Other than that telling us more about the process you use in Nero before you get to the error part would be helpful.