DVD copying - getting started

Hi all,

this is my forst post on this forum and I have to post it eventhru I have searched for an answer here about an hour incl FAQ… So sorry if this sounds too dumd to you, still I would appreciate much any feedback.

I am quite familiar with CD burning, but see taht DVD are not that easy…

I have purchased an DVD writer LG GSA 4160B. Now I am looking for some freeware software to copy my DVD’s.

  • I have sofar understood that I have to use a de-crypting software (e.g. DVDShrink - downloaded).
  • I will grad the DVD date to my HD as per the manual downloaded
    -> what next?

Do I than burn the image from the HD to the DVD?
Can you recomment any freeware burning software?

Would you spare a minute to give me a step-by-step dicsription what is needed to maky a DVD copy?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Used DVD decrypter to rip the DVD to your hard drive. Use DVD Shrink to shrink the files to fit onto a DVDR. Make sure you set the output options of DVDShrink to crate an ISO image file. Once done use DVD decrypter to burn the image onto the disc.

(Im busy at the moment if i have time i will write a short guide)

if you give me an email address (through pm) i will send you a real simple guide