DVD Copying comments

Hi all, Just some comments about my burning and maybe a question. First off
thank goodness for small form factor decktops…I have a dell optiplex 270…
3.0 processor with 1g of ram. Only one hdd slot and one rom bay so don’t have to worry about masters and slaves (yaaaaa). I have a BenQ DW1640
burner with the original F/W that came with it, and an 80g hdd. OK, with that out of the way, I have AnyDVD5.6.1.1but what I burn with is dvdDecrypt and Shrink. I realize that I don’t take full advantage of the BenQ
but I have not had a bad burn (meaning playable) using this combination. I use TY media +r 8x. One of my questions is, AnyDVD is running in the background, using the combination I’m using, is it really doing anything for me? Secondly, I would like to take advantage of duel layer burning but I
really keep getting mixed reviews about the media with skipping and jumping
on the second layer. Has the DL media quality or technology really improved?
As you know, compressing the movies sometimes goes as low as 76% and
that is reauthoring and just burning the main title.
I’m viewing my burns on an APEX 27" flat screen so its not like anything major is going to show up, quality wise, but I would like to do away with the compression if possible for future upgrades. Thanks for your time and your
replys in advance and everybody KEEP ON BURN’IN and having FUN.

What you mean with anything?
Yes, it’s runnin in the background, it removes several copy protections from dvds and cds. Also it makes your backup regionfree.
For Dl media i’d recommend you to use only Verbatim, that’s the most stable DL at the moment. For burning DL i’d use dvddecrypter in ISO mode.

A second choice would be Ricoh DL media. As Rapid Fire said, use DvD Decrypter in ISO mode. DvD Decrypter also handles dual layer breaks very well.

:cool: :cool:

Sorry Rapid Fire…I just wondered if it did it’s thing while using another copy decrypter.
I used to use Xcopy platnium with AnyDVD and could not burn a thing. Always said
css protected can not burn. Thanks for the suggestions Rapid Fire and platinumsword…
I’ll buy a couple of these disc’s and see how it goes.