DVD Copy

I downloaded the trial version of region free and Css free yesterday and it worked fine. I was playing DVDs today and it says the trial version only allows 15minutes playback so I thought as it is working I paid for the registered version. Now it won’t copy, I have message come up saying that DVD is ‘copy-protected’ and won’t read it. i am using this with Nero 6. Please Help!

That sounds odd because the trial version of fengtao’s products are full working versions. Where did you purchase this and which pay processor did you pay with.


I bought it from the DVDidle website with my card

Email fengtao@dvdidle.com or send him a PM. Also check with Element 5 the pay processor. I have never known fengtao to limit trial versions because he encourages people to use them for 30 days before paying. There is a site of another copy program that only allows 15 minute viewing and they sell fake keys for fengtao’s products.