DVD copy to HD for massive library



Good day to all, I’m trying to setup a new system and required software to do copy and store then do programmed play back 2 to 6 movies a day, if necessary burn a dvd copy without menus (autoplay). I have a yearly copyright license, and have around 300+ movies on both dvd and vhs. Now for 2 years I’ve copied down from dvd to vhs, but vcr’s are now gone the way of 8 tracks. I have not purchased any hardware or software, so I ask can anyone or everyone head me in the right direction?

Thank you


Not quite sure what you are asking… Do you mean that you want to copy DVD’s to your HD? And VHS to HD as well? Any other formats that you will need?


Sorry for the confusion, the break down is I want to put together a pc with the ability to store a large library of movies. Copied from dvd’s, then find a program that will allow me to set the time of playback for 2 to 6 movies a day at random times. (Old way 6 vcrs stacked and chained 1 cable output
1st vcr programmed to play at 8 am- 2nd vcr to play at 10 am 3rd at 12…and ect…)
6 different movies in one day at a set times. Just replace the tapes once a week with new movies.
Problem upgrading to dvd players in the same setup no programmable time feature, biggest fault dvd’s when started will play to the menu requiring someone to press play, (I want this to work with no user input)
I could copy dvd’s and remove the menu and make the movie auto play that would work as well. (I have not done this before just read about it)
Here is the idea part-> I have done single movies on my home pc to network/entertainment center but nothing like this.
I have big ideas and very little knowledge of software out there. (I do understand the hardware side) large hard drives, max ram, dvd-rw and a video card with input ability to take rca or s-vid from a dvd/vcr player. Any info on bigger and better is always good:)
Again Thank you for any ideas


I’m not familiar with any software that you can schedule and play. There are workarounds of course, for instance you could just create a playlist in WMP (or any other media player), but the movies will just play back to back, not at specified times. And I don’t believe they will playback or create a playlist from DVD images, so you may have to convert the movies to Divx/Xvid. But the converted files will take up much less HDD space.

You could do this on about any computer, nothing special is needed. The faster the cpu, the faster your conversions will complete. You don’t need a large amount of RAM (1-2GB for XP, 2GB for Vista) will work fine. About any video card will work, buy you will need a TV capture card if for capturing your movies from VHS.