DVD copy to copy question

I just finished compiling a DVD from my home movie’s . Hi8 run into my computer, edited in Premiere, exported as MPEG2. I Chaptered and burned one DVD using DVDLab, on another I did my chaptering with Maestro then burned using CopyToDVD. In both cases the DVD’s turned out well. They play in my computer using Power DVD, and on my JVC standalone. The Chaptering is fully functional - no glitch. However neither of these DVD’s will work when I try to make a backup using copytocopy function. Nero6 goes through the pre burn step of ‘creating disc image on hdd’ but an error message comes up before the burn process stating the a VOP and BUP (I think that was it??) file is missing - burn process failed!!.
I tried a copy to copy using RecordNow DX - which copied the DVD - and they would play if I didn’t try to use the chaptering - but as soon as I hit on a chapter the player froze and I couldn’t get anything to work.

Are there any prog’s out there that I might use which would have better success. I want to compile a bunch of movie’s - and would like these to be easily copied in years to come if possible - as they will be the only source.



With some research and a bit of trial and error I’ve answered my own question.

I downloaded a trial copy of GearDVD - Gear Pro 6.5. It has 'successfully managed every test I’ve thrown at it thus far. It will do a copy to copy of the DVD’s I burned in other prog’s - and which all the other software burning prog’s I’ve accessed failed to do. It also burns very nicely from Maestro.

It’s a bit costly - but given the prices of DVD coasters these days I think it’s worth it.


why not use dvdrw’s no coasters;)
then when it works use a dvdr…

you can get 3 dvdrw’s for around 10$.

i always use dvdrw’s when i expirement with new software or techniques…dvd coasters are just too dang expensive at around 90 cents each:p

Good advise - which I did follow after a few coasters.


Still - thanks to Gear I’m pretty much coaster free now.