DVD copy"stutter"

Seem’s all my copies of my DVD’s have a “stutter” problem when playing on my home DVD unit’s.I am using Plextor 716a,TLA202,Firmware 1.02.Media I’ve been using Sony DVD-R 8x.Is this the 716 that could be causing the problem?Or is it maybe the media???I have’nt a clue,I thought I was doing well not making any coasters!!!

I use DVD Shrink to decrept and Nero to burn.My processer is an AMD 2000+,1GB DDR 400,80GB Maxtor HD ATA 133 8MB buffer,MSI KT4V KT400 chipset.

What home player are you using? You can reference your home player on www.videohelp.com and see if it can play DVD-R format properly. Some players will only play +R, some will only play -R, some will play both (My Sylvania DVC-845E DVD/VCR combo will play anything I throw at it for instance while my Zenith Allegro is A LOT pickier…). Best bet is to reference back and see what other people say they have had success with your player and then follow that pretty guide pretty close. Good luck, voodoo! :slight_smile:

Running a Plextools SUM8 Q-check scan will tell the tale.

Just because Nero sez “Burn completed successfully!” doesn’t mean it isn’t a coaster, unfortunately.

You might also want to use Plextools to get the media code identifier (“MID”) for this SONY media, and then check the media forums to see how well it burns on Plextor drives (but you won’t see much for PX716a’s yet, though).

Firmware 1.03 is available for the PX716a, too…

Thanks for the reply and link.My DVD player supports +R/-R,so it should play fine!I’m starting to have second thought’s about this 716!!!

The PX-716A is picky with some media but its AutoStrategy function works wonders with most discs. But, I’ve found that DVD+R media works better with this drive (firmware 1.03) so I’d recommend you switch media brands to something like Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden. Also, you could try lowering the write speed for your Sony discs.

Ran the Sum8 Qcheck,(sorry don’t know how to upload results),but here the results:PIE AVG.-8.24 MAX.-117 Total-115029,POF 0.Is this a “good” burn???

Negative values? :confused: If you look at the absolute value of these scores it looks to be a good burn. PIE max is not much over 100, Total PIE score of 115,029. I’m not as good as Zevia and some others at interpreting these results, but it looks decent to me.

Is this your first DVD Burner? Do you have any burned DVD’s created by another DVD burner drive that you can use to test your DVD Player?
You might try burning one of these movies at 4X to see what difference it makes. Otherwise, you can train your drive (as Gamefreak mentioned) using autostrategy. It might take a few burns, but the Plextor will learn to better burn the disks with time.

Also, I’m not sure about upgrading to firmware 1.03 yet. I can’t remember if you live in America or not, but I was informed by Plextor America to not install firmware 1.03 until they complete their compatibility testing. It is entirely possible that the newer firmware can hurt compatibility with other drives and media instead of helping!


Plextor America only releases firmware when it has been tested and checked for compatibility with the software and products distributed in America. Please install only firmware from the Plextor America website.

Plextor America Support Team


Thanks ImBad,No those are not neg. values!!!I put the - in there to seperate!I do live in US and tried the 1.03.I went back to 1.02 cause the 1.03 caused a severe delay on lead-in!Only problem is I did’nt label the disks for the firmware I was using!Sorry abought the confusion!

Thanks ImBad,No those are not neg. values!!!I put the - in there to seperate!I do live in US and tried the 1.03.I went back to 1.02 cause the 1.03 caused a severe delay on lead-in!Only problem is I did’nt label the disks for the firmware I was using!Sorry abought the confusion!Being right after Christmas,I don’t really have the cash to blow on new DVD’s now!!I do have a Verbatim DVD+R that came with the drive I could try!Can I use a copy of a DVD that is on a -R to burn to this disk??Or would I be better off waiting for my original(My bro-in-law has my original)!

SORRY for double post!

I typically like to burn from originals because you know the quality has not been degraded from the burn. You can find many good deals on Ritek media at Newegg.com. I typically pay between $30-$40 dollars for a 100 pack Ridata 4x or 8x media. Some people have complained about varying quality of these disks, but I swear by them.

Braxas made a good point regarding the fact that some DVD players will play either -R or +R , especially older drives. If you haven’t deleted the image of the movie created by DVDShrink, you can simply re-burn the movie using NERO on your +R disk. Otherwise, I would wait to get the original back.

By the way, How fast are you burning these disks? If you are burning your 8x rated media at 16x, you might run into problems (even though Plextor may allow you to do so). Sometimes I will burn movies at slower speeds to ensure quality.

Hope that helps, ImBAD

Thanks again.I am burning them at rated speed 8x.Not all disks have a problem.Just some of same spindle(25)!I think I’ll wait and follow your advise and buy good media and give it another try!Got 25 days to return 716 if it does’nt work!!LOL!Thanks again.


Nero also has a feature called “verify” that you can select when burning a movie. While it takes twice as long, it ensures a good burn by retracing over any rough spots. I usually use it because I tend to care more about write quality than speed, but that’s just me.

Thanks,I’ll give that a try!

I’m just thinking out loud, but “verify” is probably good method to train the Autostrategy of the Plextor, because it is like burning the same disc twice!

Every time the Plextor burns a disk, Autostrategy learns more about how your drive should handle the media. By doing a “verify” the Plextor likely benefits from learning and you don’t have to waste a second disk!

Now, like I said, this may not be the case at all, “verifying the compilation” might not teach autostrategy anything, but it would seem like it certainly would. Hmm, I wonder if anyone else knows anything about this?



I would suggest you upgrade to fw 1.03. This firmware works very well with the AutoStrategy technology. AS technology is one of the coolest invention from plextor, in my opinion. The AS function can “learn” the best writing strategies for any kind of media, especially the unsupported ones. The writing strategy for the supported media is stored in the firmware, while the unsupported media, that you have burned in your drive, will be stored in the AS database. You can access the database from Plextools-Drive Settings-Advanced-AutoStrategy Database. This is what my database looks like, currently. http://club.cdfreaks.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=18120&stc=1

I would like to explain this graphically, as follow: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=790798&postcount=36
Gamefreak’s first pic is a coaster (PIE max above 280). You can see that PIE max reached above 400. The AS technology then kicked-in in next burns. The second burn was good, and third burn was excellent. Unfortunately in order the drive to “learn”, there is a price to pay: the drive needs to learn (ie burn) at least one or two disks, and also may reduce the burn speed. If you love quality better than speed, this is what you want. My 712a can burn crappy Teon from staples (Media ID: CMCMAG.E01) at 8x but the result is a coaster. So everytime I burn with CMCMAG.E01 I have to lower the speed and I always forgot about it since my default burn speed is set to MAX. The 716a with the AS will never forget as long as you enable the AutoStrategy in Plextools-Drive Settings-Advanced.

Sorry for the long words and I hope youre not offended by the “lecture”. Now back to your problems.

I do live in US and tried the 1.03.I went back to 1.02 cause the 1.03 caused a severe delay on lead-in!

The long lead-in in 1.03 is completely normal, the drive was actually trying to check and register the media ID into the AS database. This will happen only for the first burn of the media ID in the drive. The second burn and so will be much faster (no long lead-in) since the media ID is already in the database.

Media I’ve been using Sony DVD-R 8x
The media ID for my Sony DVD-R 8x (made in Japan) is Sony08D1. It’s not listed in the AS database so it’s supported in the firmware, thus I dont experience long lead-in. The burns with Sony08D1 is very good, here: http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=796084&postcount=151

You can check your Sony media with Plextools-CD/DVD Info and please let us know what is the Manufacturer ID/Media ID/Product Revision.

Sony98D1 is not bad buy it can only burn at 8x, while there are some 8x rated media that can be burn at 12x and/or 16x. Since you are in the US, here are some tips for buying excellent media:

  • Fujifilm/TDK DVD+R 8x (must be Made in Japan), MID YUDEN000T02, can be burn at 8x, 12x and 16x with very good to excellent result.
  • Verbatim DVD+R 8x, MID MCC003, can be burn at 8x and 12x
  • Verbatim DVD+R 16x, MID MCC004.

I usually buy my media at Bestbuy and currently Verbatim 8x 50pack and TDK 8x 100pack is on sale.

Good luck.

“Sorry for the long words and I hope youre not offended by the “lecture”.”
NO,not at all!I ask to learn!My BIGGEST concern is,Is it the media,or is it the drive???See I had a 716 TLA#0001,I took that back to B.B. cause the tray stuck open?!That seemed to burn movies fine.Now I have the TLA#0202,But I also changed the media!!!So do you see the problem???Thanks for the help.Gonna burn a copy of ELF for my kids using the Verbatim DVD+R that came with the drive and see how that plays!!Will let you know,THANKS!!

Also,for a good burn,should Plextools be running in background???I always shut it down!!

That’s a good question voodoo. Zevia might know that one.

Also Zevia, have you any idea if “verify” in Nero helps train the Plextor’s Autostrategy? You could potentially train the drive with just a few disks instead of 5 or 6!

  • ImBAD

To be honest, I don’t know the answer re: should Plextools be running in background in order AS to work? I don’t want to guess on this one, but I never turn off Plextools, just to be safe.

From Beeder, Gamefreak and my experience, we can train the drive with only 1-3 disks per media ID.

AutoStrategy works independently of PlexTools. When I first got my drive I immediately wrote a disc (which I found out later was unsupported by the drive). Later, when I found out what AS does I found the Media ID Code of the disc I wrote first in the AS database.