DVD Copy Software?



I am not sure how to ask the question but the more research I do the more #1 picks if find for the best DVD copy software. Can someone give me their opinion on the best DVD coping software and why. I realize everyone has an opinion and this type of request will either get many many replies or none at all. I am looking to buy a good package but don’t want to waste my money on a package that does not work.:bow:


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I’ll transfer this to the ‘Copy DVD Movie’ forum… they have some firm opinions on which is the best (including some you might not have to pay for) :slight_smile:

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If you are talking about taking a Dvd that you own & backing it up to a blank Dvd. RipIt4Me (you will need Dvd Decrypter & Dvd Shrink), or DvdFab HD Decrypter to do a full rip to your hard drive. Dvd Shrink to get rid of the stuff you don’t want & compress to fit on a single layer disc. With Dvd Shrink you can save it as an ISO or to a hard disc folder, then burn either one with ImgBurn. For dual layer, use RipIt4Me or DvdFab HD Decrypter, full rip, then place the output files into a VIDEO_TS folder & burn with ImgBurn in Build Mode. Other programs of note would be FixVts, MenuShrink & MultiShrink. All free.


Beef Barley has mentioned most of the good decryption/ripping options, but there is one more, called AnyDVD. It is not free, but is constantly updated to handle new protections as they appear. AnyDVD works in the background and you can use its built-in ripper or a free ripping program with it, like DVDDecrypter or DVDShrink.

I like AnyDVD for its convenience, the lifetime updates and its effectiveness. But there is no reason not to get RipIt4Me and DVDFab HD Decrypter as alternative decryption programs since they are free to use.

You should also look into a program called DVDRebuilder. It cannot decrypt dvds, but once they are decrypted you can use this program to make high quality backups. The results are better than can be made using transcoders like Shrink or Nero Recode, especially on large dvds. There is a free version, with fewer options, but it works well using the HC encoder that is included with the program.


Hi and Welcome to the forum, please take my advice, all of these programs have different options, but most of the good ones have [B]free trials,[/B] try DVD Fab Platnium, or CloneDVD and AnyDVD combo, these programs you can try for free for 21 dayss, then make an informed decision. Look in our software section on the front page of the forum, read all about them, try them and then decide.


I want to thank everyone for the great advise. I will be trying them shortly. Just for the record I will be backing up DVD movies that I personally own. My family is very hard on CDs and DVDs. I have on more than one instance purchased the same music and movie more than once becasue of a damaged disk.




At the moment there are still reports of DVDFab spitting out non-compliant DVD rips. So until those bugs have been cleared I think you should tread safely with the product.


My family is not hard on them, but I back them up anyway, why take the chance, right. From what I read in the other posts, looks like good advice so you will have fun no matter which way you go. Good luck.