DVD Copy questions/problems




I’d like to know why some dvd burner/rewriter discs play on certain DVD Players, and why they wont play on others. For example, I have a Philips DVD ± re writer which records DVD’s that will play on an Alba DVD player, but not a Yamada DVD Player, and I also have a Mashita DVD ± re writer that plays burned disc on the Yamada but not the Alba.

Is there a external DVD ± re writer available that will play its burned discs on all players (just like a store bought movie DVD?)

Hope someone can enlighten me!




Hi and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Playback problems often are due to a bad burning. Sometimes a standalone refuse to play some media because it’s programmed in firmware (aka locked) to refuse that media.

Usually (not always) this issue can be solved using best quality media. Also changing booktype of +R media in ROM can solve compatibility issues.

Sometimes it’s related to a dirty/scratched media. Some drives are better more than other to read scratched media.

Sometimes, moreover, it can be related to a dirty optical pickup of the standalone.

Or a combination of the above. :bigsmile:


I have several dvd players & what i have found is if its an older player they dont seem
to like +R’s. Try using -R’s. Hope that helps.


I have sony dvd +R blanks. The ID on nero for them is SONYD21 are they legit or some cheap knockoff ?


SonyD21 are legit, just Sony made +R. If one of your burners (as Geno properly suggested) can handle booktyping (burning a small bit of data on the DVD to make it be ‘recognized’ as the standard movie DVD-ROM format), use your +R, and set the ‘booktype’ to DVD-ROM for when you burn your +R. I’ve never had a problem yet with that approach, even on older DVD players than mine (unless it was really, really old, like one of the first DVD players that came out).