DVD copy protections?



I haven’t gotten a game in DVD format yet…

I’m just wondering about games in DVD format and what are the types of protection used.

So far, I’m a bit familiar with older CD games protections – have made backups of Diablo 2:LoD (Securom *new), Warcraft 3 (Securom new too, IIRC), and The Sims - Deluxe (Safedisc 2.72). So far, I have made working CD backups for these old games.

I’m thinking of getting some games in DVD format (some games are available in CD and DVD formats). But I’m thinking if it’s possible to make a working backup for DVD copyprotected games?

Can somebody give a short intro/summary regarding copyprotections and whether can be be backed up with a DVD-writer (and what software to use to backup these copy-protections)? I have an LG-GSA-4167B DVD-writer… (does CPRM matter for copy-protected games, since the GSA-4167B unfortunately has CPRM).


The 3 main copy protections used for non-movie dvds are safedisc, securom and starforce. Tages is also occasionally used.

It is not possible to make a physical copy of a dvd using any of these protections that will work without some form of emulation though it is possible to make a working RMPS emulation copy of a securom protected dvd.

As a general rule the best that you can do is make an image that will run when mounted on a virtual drive. However, because all of these protections include virtual drive blacklistings, it is usually necessary to use some form of third party tool (e.g. curerom or sd4hide) and/or to engage in extreme measures such as unplugging all your optical drives if you want to play from a mounted image.