DVD copy protection

I’ve been successful playing and ripping many DVDs in the past using DVDDecrypter and Smartripper, but some DVDs seem to not be designed to be played in computers DVD-ROMs–yet will play on my stand-alone DVD player.

Does anyone know any way to play/rip these types of DVDs - hardware or software?


Maybe its a region thing… If your DVDROM is RPC-2 (all DVDROMS for the past 2 yesrs are RPC-2 compliant) then it could be locked to play one Region DVD’s. Other region DVD’s would not normally be able to be played.

ive encountered the same problem.

i got a toshiba sdr5002 with region free firmware x031
discinfo says no lock detected.
all dvds play fine from any region inc RCE encoded ones

but my battle Royale DVD from hong kong - its a region 3 one dvd9
just dosent get recognised
also my naked killer hong kong ones the same & thats region free (& dvd5)
so i cant see a connection…

other hong kong dvds play ok, just these 2 out of about 50+ discs.
(the access light just stays on)

any ideas?

id love some help, besides this little problem this writers the buisness, cds burn 16x never had a coaster

& dvds - never had a coaster either.

Maybe the 2 thay wont play have manufacturing problems that your DVD Player just scips over, while your DVDROM/BURNER cannot. Unfortunately HK made DVD’s are not the best quality of manufacture and some titles can have many problems.