DVD Copy Protection

Hi I’m having a problem copying one of the DVDs that I’ve rented. There seems to be some type of new copy protection in it based upon unreadable sectors. There is no name for this kind of copy protection yet. If I were to give it a name I would call it Suspect because when I tried using DVD Decrypter It said on the logging Info (One area has been marked as Suspect) and thats the file that it stops copying on. I’ve tried using other programs like, AnyDVD. Clone DVD2, 1 Click DVD Copy, DVD Shrink, DVD For Free, Free DVD, and DVD FAB Decrypter Express but none of these programs seem to work either. By the way, The name of the DVD I’m having the problem with is JOHNNY ENGLISH. I’ve noticed this same problem on the BE WITCHED, and SKY HIGH DVDs too. I’m just wondering if anyone knows if there is some other kind of Software/Program or any other way to copy these DVDs. If so thanks for letting me know.

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Copying rented dvds is illegal and not supported by this forum. :cop:

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