DVD Copy Protection stops disk from playing on PC

Is there a known copy protection that prevents a dvd from playing on a PC but wont affect its ability to play on a home dvd unit?

If there is…can it be defeated?

Do you mean playing from the original DVD, or a backed up DVD on DVDR?

several older dvd-rom drives fail to recognize some original DVD-video disks

its not protection.

You can try updating the drives f/w, else get a more recent drive

have you use hacked f/w to make the drive regionfree. iv seen this also affect recognizing some movie disks

One dvd burner is a LG 4X (relatively new) the other is a HP 200i (a little over a year old)
The DVD is a commercial disk, NTSC, factory pressed. It’s called “over Canada”, and distributed by Sony. I rented it at the local video store.

I do have AnyDVD on the computers, but reading this disk has failed with and without it running.

Thanks for you help.

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3385916211&category=41593 is this the DVD:bigsmile: http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=309 try this page it may help also try alcohol 120 and or blindwrite first


Yes, that is the dvd.


I dont wanna get flamed down here - but firmware probably wont help!!!

This is a new version of DVD Protection that Sony are implementing - It was allegedly only theoritical when I heard about it a while back - but looks like it has made retail already!!!

This will be loosely based upon the new SecuRom protection…

As you are using Writeable DVD drives it wont play - I bet if you put it in a normal DVD-ROM drive it would play on your PC fine…

They seem to have gone crazy on writeable drives and are persecuting both CD-RW and DVD +/- RW drives - I had to dig an old DVD-ROM out just to get a Sony product working!

Please keep us informed of how you get on!



I will try this disk on a normal DVD-rom and let you know.


The problem has been resolved!

This Sony DVD cannot be read with a “burner”. It can only be read with a standard dvd-rom.

Thanks to all for your help.

Can these disks be ripped by dvddecrypter?


They can be ripped, but what data you get back would be neglible - need to check how the DVD Rippers/Cloners handle this commercial copy protection?

Im sure that it will be figured out and the guys on here will have a tuturiol very soon! :smiley:



I was able to rip this disk without any problems using nero recode and Anydvd.
The only hang up for me was having to use a dvd-rom to read the disk then transfering the files over to another computer to burn. Of course installing a dvd-rom on the same computer as the burner would speed things up considerably. This protection looks more like a hinderance than a serious attempt to stop anyone from copying.
I guess the lesson here is,…to hold on to those dvd-roms:)

Thanks to all who helped me get through this.

Good, won’t affect me then. Because my Sony DRU-500A is locked to 2x when ripping, I also have a Lite-On DVD-ROM to do the ripping.

sounds like you need an option that clone cd has for cd burning like Hide cd media:bigsmile:

Great minds think alike… I posed the hide dvdr media question in the AnyDVD forum a few days ago.


Hi Glenn328 and guys,
I have same problem with a disney movie.
The original dvd movie can be run with any standalone dvd player, but not on pc.
I have LG(GCC4120B) combo(CDwriter/DVD rom) and OptoRite DD0203(DVD writer). Like you said, I tried the movie on LG combo drive, but I got only “no disk” message.
What is your DVD rom, Glenn328? Is your drive just plain DVD rom? I am suspecting that the protection works with any combo drive with writing ability.

Help me, please.

Hi There;

I was able to rip the movie only with a “plain” dvd rom. My other drive which is a dvd burner could not see the disk at all.

If you don’t have a plain dvd rom, then you’re going to have to find one, or use a friends.

As I said in my previous post…this is just a hindrance.