Dvd Copy protection Remove

I am useing Nero 6, Dvd Shrink, and Dvd43 to copy Dvds
The older movies copy fine The newer movies say they are copy proteced. Can anyone please tell what programs i need to get to copy all movies. Thanks,

for payware i use Anydvd from slysoft.com

free stuff you can use ripit4me (include dvdshrink & dvddecrypter & fixvts)

I use a combination of: “AnyDVD” plus: “DVD Region + CSS Free” as my decryptors along with my choice of main DVD Copy softwares: “1 Click DVD Copy 5” or: “DVDXCOPY Platinum” . With either copy program, along with the two decryptors I’ve listed, I’ve burned 85 NEW DVD Movies (with their enhanced “anti-copy” sectors) and have not had 1 Movie I couldn’t copy.

Can you please tell me where i can get the free stuff. Thanks for your help.

Can you tell me where i can get these from.
Thanks for the help.

Here’s a tutorial


Just google what programs you don’t have.