DVD copy protection project

The VCD side is done, wait for DVD

http://baomedia.cjb.net or http://www.vasia.com/galo/headlines.htm

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Neither of those sites gave much info as to the nature of the protection. Do you have any extra info on the subject?

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I can see Chobits Chi. Anime site?

Now we moved to DVD we want to pursue the people of Hollywood, Motion Picture Association of America (mpaa.org) and DVD Forum (dvdforum.org) and to the rest of the world that any media that are readable/playable on computers are made to hacked, ripped and pirated.

I don’t get it.

I’m the developer of the copy-protection system and I have no plans to release a commerical software for these. The copy-protected VCDs are widely available in Asia (particularly Southeastern part) and imported from the Philippines btw the copy-protection for VCD was done (Right now no software can’t copy it). Regarding on DVD, if you remember during the developments of DVD, Intel Corp. intervene with the DVD Forum to use DVD-Video on our PCs and they claim it’s uncopyable/unhackable/unrippable. And look now…If DVD4SAPO was done, we will propose it to DVD Forum (or any company who wants to use it). I know that the protection will not be perfect by using DVD recorders with built-in HDD however you can’t copy it using dvd copier softwares like DVD-cloner and Dvd x-copy. Well thats all hope I explained everything.