DVD copy protection - is this new, has anybody else encountered this

I am new to this forum and this is my first post, hope its in the right place, sorry for any inconvenience if it is.

i tried to ‘back up’ a dvd (that i already own) the other day but came up against a problem, i have 2 programs on my pc that will shrink and take the protection off the dvd, one of them just could not ‘analyse’ the dvd and the other was able to but the ‘compression’ was down to about 15% which is not good, and this mystified me as it should not be that much.

So i decided to ‘explore’ the dvd and found that the movie was on the dvd about 5 times but with slightly different ‘running times’ so i decided instead of doing a ‘whole disc’ copy i would use the ‘re-author/customise’ option in these ‘copy programs’, i decided to copy the longest running time movie on the dvd.

unfortunately after the dvd was burned and i played the movie in my dvd player i noticed that a chunk of the movie was missing and after the end credits a part of the movie was repeated (not the missing part).

i can only assume that the 5 movies on the dvd (original) has different parts missing but when played in a dvd player it some how takes all the correct parts from the different versions to play the whole movie.

anybody come across this before, how can this be done (all those slightly the same movies on one dvd) and does any body know a way around it.

Thanks all.

Your question really belongs in our Movie Copy forum, so I’m going to move it in there.

It is quite possible that this movie has an advanced protection scheme that your current programs cannot handle well. I suggest getting the trial for DVDFab and use that to decrypt and rip the movie to the hard drive.

While you have the trial, the entire program will work for you, so you could use it to compress as well. When the trial ends, there is one section within DVDFab that will continue to function as a dvd decrypter and ripper. It is called DVDFab HD Decrypter. The only caveat to using it is that the free section isn’t updated quite as often, and sometimes will not work with the very newest releases.

So, try DVDFab and see if it works for this movie. Once the trial ends, you can still use the program to rip to the hard drive, then compress with something like DVDShrink, which is still a good transcoder, just not effective against advanced protections.

Another free option is BDLot DVD ISO Master. It rips the movie to the hard drive, removing protections, but outputs as an ISO file. You can open an ISO file directly with DVDShrink by clicking Ctrl I.


thank you for answering, sorry i posted it in the wrong place.

DVDFab is one of the programs i used, this is the one that compressed down to about 15% (not good) i guess because of all the copies of the movie on the dvd (how can they do that without quality loss) the other program i have is DVDSHRINK that couldnt analyse the dvd…

You have the latest version of DVDFab?

I personally use AnyDVD for decryption, but it is not a free program and there is no free section that works after the trial period. You can download and try it for this difficult one. The best course of action with a movie that has a lot of structural protections is to rip with the built-in ripper within AnyDVD, then compress if necessary from the copy you’ve just made on the hard drive. To rip with AnyDVD, you start the program, insert the disk, let it analyze the protections, then right click on the fox icon at the bottom right side of the screen. You’ll get an option to [I]Rip Video DVD to Harddisk…[/I]

See if this works better for you, or try the BDLot route.

Kerry 56

thanks again, this is mysterious one, i cant understand how they can put so many copies of the movie on one dvd they are all about 5gb each in size, but if you check the 'properties of the whole dvd it says its only 7gb, it does not make sense.

if i did manage to compress and rip it (the whole dvd) the compression would be too great, and i cant ‘customise’ my rip as i have said each movie (on the original dvd) is not the full movie in one way or another.

i am just guessing here but they must have put something on the dvd that picks different parts of each movie to make up the full movie (sneaky)

there is a long way around this, viewing each movie on the dvd checking which movie has the missing bits then checking which ones has that missing bit and editing them together, but blimey, is it worth it i ask myself

i just hope someone on here has experienced this, before i think i have just entered the ‘Twilight Zone’ :slight_smile:

ooops, no my DVDFab is a few years old.

Update DVDFab and let me know how it goes.

Update to the latest version here and try again.

The fake content is typical of the more recent protection systems.

What movie is it?



well there has been 2 movies like this Thor and Cowboys & Aliens (dont laugh)

There are lots of movies that do that. An easy way to deal with them is to play them in a DVD player and turn on the On Screen Display. That will tell you which Titleset Number is the right one.


ah but are you sure about that, i played all these movies on the dvd through dvd shrink and the ones that had the ending (credits) had a scene missing somewhere in the movie, so i am assuming that there is not an actual full movie in one place on the dvd, and somehow the dvd player is taking different segments from each movie to make a full movie

Play them on a standalone player and it will tell you the Titleset. Open the DVD in DVD Fab and select that title (in Movie Only mode) and I (almost) guarantee you’ll have the movie. At least that’s been the case with other multi-titled movies I’ve copied.

When opening the DVD with a proper tool on your computer you shall see whats the longest title(set).


i will have another go at what you said


i did try that thinking the longest title would be the full movie, but when i played back the burned dvd a section of the movie was missing and another part of the movie was added to the end (not the missing part)

the thing thats baffling me is that each of these movies are near 5gb in size when ‘exploring’ the dvd and on one of the dvds there is about 8 of these movies so the size of the dvd should be over 40gb but when using ‘properties’ it only says 7gbs.

What file extensions are on the DVD with 8 movies ?

I suspect something other than DVD compliant like Xvid or Divx .

I would try ImgBurn.
Build an .ISO to your hard drive .
Write the .ISO to a DVD disc.
You may have a .mds file too if you do try to write with it first.

Yeah, sounds like a weird dvd structure…

well it has all the usual .vob .ts .bup but mainly each movie has about 5 .vob files at 1gb each, then times that by 8 (as there are 8 movies on the dvd) its a commercial available dvd

i was hoping someone else has come upon this before, as to be honest it does sound a bit ‘bonkers’

The only answer is it is designed to give an incorrect file size.
AFAIK the most that can be on even a commercial DVD is around 9GB .
I’ve never seen one with 8 movies though .
What are the movies ?

the movies are Cowboys and Aliens and Thor, i like to make backups of these for the kids as they watch them all the time and keep the originals safe, you wont believe how in the end i managed to back them up, i will just say to took the time of the movie plus the burning time, hope some ‘bright spark’ can find an easy way around this.

when i say 8 movies they are all the same movies with each with a segment (not the same segment) missing and they have all slightly a different running time, you cant see this when put in a dvd player but you can when using dvd shrink/dvdfab.

Did you try the trial for AnyDVD?

Rip the entire thing to the hard drive with it. Then if you need to compress it, try DVDShrink. If DVDShrink kicks out an error, run the movie through FixVTS. Then try again.

If that doesn’t work, try the free version of DVDRebuilder to compress the movie, either the full movie or the main movie only.

Or use BDLot DVD ISO Master to rip to the hard drive. Try opening the ripped ISO file with DVDShrink to compress. (ctrl I). If this fails, mount the ISO in VirtualClone Drive and run the movie through FixVTS this way. It will output as a complete dvd in file format.
Try Shrink again at that point. Or DVD Rebuilder.

And we have a large array of other dvd decrypters to try on this movie. They all have trials, including Ideal and Magic DVD copier programs you can find here in our forums.

I also usually use AnyDVD for decrypting.
I don’t know why DVDFab wouldn’t work correctly for this though.
Olyteddy suggested playing in a player .
Try VLC or MPC-HC & see what title set those play.