Dvd copy protection error

I recently purchased an NEC 2500A DVD+/-RW recorder. I want to use the recorder to burn rented and owned movies. I also purchased DVDXCOPY Platinum. I was able to burn a couple of rented movies but since I have been experiencing problems. When attempting to burn movies using DVDXCOPY I keep getting errors which appear to be copy protection errors. I have Nero Express as well and downloaded DVD Shrink to see if the problem was software related but found the same problem. I keep encountering copy protection errors. DVD Shrink reports, "The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.

Any suggestions? Believe me I need some help. :slight_smile:

Copying DVDs you do not own is illegal. Please respect the fact that such questions only increase the legal visibility of this board to the MPAA and that none of us want to see this board shut down.