DVD copy program

Does anyone know where the DVD copy program can be downloaded?
The computer I’m using now dosen’t even have a DVD player but the way I see it is that the program is only going to get harder to find.

Also, I heard of a program capable of
decrypting DVD’s into plain MPEG-2 streams. Does anyone know more about this, like where I coud find it?

I suppose you’re looking for DeCSS, the first DVD ripper, there are more now. Can’t say which is the best cause I just don’t know. Follow the link below to find them. They can probably tell you which is the best to.

DeCSS, DOD Speed Ripper, VOBDec etc.

Try the “ripping” section of:



I have no Idea what the deal is with the DVDRipper but I was just trying to Rip a DVD all day and after 8 hours and 30 min into the movie the Ripper stopped responding… Does this Ripper suck or what???

Look there Greetzzzzzz