DVD Copy Profile / Settings for h264

A colleague intrdocued me to DVDFab and it looks very good.

However, I am confused about the best profile / settings to use in the mobile option.

Basically I want to rip my DVD collection to h264 format but not loose any noticably quality in sound or video. The output should look good on either a PC or television, i.e. just like the orginal DVD. Eventually I will purchase some NMT devices to serve the stream to indvidual TVs

I am not worried about ripping time because I can leave it over-night in my Core2 Quad central server.

Any advice or pointers would be appreciated (I did do a search first)


I’ve been dealing with this recently as I just got my Popcorn Hour A-100. I am trying to rip all of my dvds to h264/mkv and then pack all of the disks in my garage. The problem is that it seems that h264 encoding in dvd fab is really targeted towards mobile devices and there is very little that can be configured with the h264 encoder. Actually the h264 transcodes from DVDFab won’t play on the Popcorn Hour at all (see this thread).

I would really love to see the “DVD to Mobile” options of DVDFab be replaced or at least complimented with configurable transcoding options that are appropriate for both mobile and high-resolution home streaming media players.

In the mean-time I am using DVDFab to rip my dvds and then use HandBrake (with the “Film” profile) to transcode to h264/mkv. The results have been really good. Other transcoding front-ends that I have looked at are: Staxrip, MediaCoder, and AutoMKV. They all produce really good results, I just find the interface for Handbrake is easier to navigate.

Interesting as I was coming to the same conclusion that DVDFab couldn’t quite do what I wanted at the moment. When you do the initial rip from DVD do you go to ISO or VOB? Can DVDFab call a program / batch file to run after completion?

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Depends on the front-end that you are using. Handbrake, MediaCoder, and Staxrip work best with the vob passthrough rips. AutoMKV works best with the whole video_ts directory.

Right now I’m just launching the transcoders manually and haven’t looked into the possibility of running them from within DVDFab.