Dvd copy problems

I use dvdcopy2 and anydvd on some dvd’s I copy the quality is good but when played there is a narator. the latest one is Inside Man. how can I fix or is this a new encription. this has only happened 4 or 5 time on some dvd’s, the others are fine… ottidid@carolina.rr.com

What do you mean there is a narrator? Do you mean it’s playing the Director’s Commentary rather than the movie soundtrack? Change the audio track and see if that fixes the problem. Also, I don’t see how this issue could be caused by AnyDVD. It’s more likely to be caused by the program you are using to do the copying/transcoding (DVD Copy 2). Have you attempted to use any other programs to make a backup of the Inside Man such as DVD Shrink or CloneDVD2? Also, what region and nation is the disk from?

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I don’t think this an AnyDVD problem per se…what you’ve probably done is choose the Director’s Commentary when you authored the disc (it’s easily done, sometimes it’s not labelled as such).

Not sure where the option to choose Audio Streams is in DVDCopy2, unfortunately.


Arachne is correct. You are most likely selecting the Director’s Commentary rather than the movie soundtrack

If there are two English audio tracks and you don’t know which is the movie soundtrack, choose the one that is labeled AC-6. Most commentary tracks are two-channel stereo whereas every Dolby Soundtrack is 5.1 Surround (It’s a mandatory part of the DVD-Video standard). If DVDCopy2 doesn’t provide this information simply choose the larger one. The movie soundtrack should always be larger than the commentary as there are more audio channels to encode.

Thanks jasonwc - handy info to know :cool:

I posted the wrong copy program I use clone dvd 2. I am trying other copy selections on the screen including just the movie no extras. In the past I tried just the movie selection and the problem was still there. I will let you know what happens this time…thanks…ottidid

If you are using CloneDVD2 then you shouldn’t have a problem. It gives you the option to choose Audio tracks and will most often identify the Director’s commentary. Even if it doesn’t you just need to select the one marked as AC-3/6. BTW, CloneDVD’s default is to select all language tracks of a given language- I imagine it’s English in this case. Therefore you must be overriding this setting and unselecting one of the sound tracks.

If you select your language of choice in “Stream Preferences” it will choose all tracks of that language. You, however, are choosing the individual tracks yourself by manually choosing audio streams.

Ottidid -

The below CD Freaks Forum posting explains in detail how to make sure that when using CloneDVD that you select the correct Audio Stream.