DVD Copy problem




I have a Sony video camera that record on a Mini dvd disk 1.4 GB.
When i finish 1 disk, i did “finalized”, so i can use the disk.

The video camera made during the finalized process a dvd menu.
The problem is, i have 3 small disk like that and i want to burn all the video’s on 1 big CD 4.7 Gb…

You all ready know that its little complicated to do this when the cd is finalized and have a dvd menu…

I cant just copy the video file’s to my comp in an AVI format and do with them what i want.

So i decided to make a COPY of them.
I have Ashampoo Burning Studio 8, i did the option COPY DVD, that copy 1 disk to another… the reading process took like 20 sec for a 1.4 GB disk.
After that the program told me to insert an empty DVD disk. i did, the burning process took like 20 sec.

On a dvd player, the original 1.4GB can be displayed and i can see the menu and video files. On the new CD that i just burn i can see the menu and the first frame of each video part, but there is NO video files.

HOW the hell i can just copy the CD’s?? why is this so complicated??


If you finalized your dvd’s on the recorder, it is likely that your dvd’s are in mpeg2 format. You either need software that can handle mpeg2 editing, or you need to bring your video’s into a program like dvdshrink, using reauthor mode, to combine the videos. Using dvdshrink, will not allow you to create menus. You really need an mpeg2 authoring software. There are many to choose from.


If your DVD from camera can play in DVD player, than it has to have mpeg2 file on it.
You can copy files from DVD camera made to hard drive.
Than you can check " Mpeg Video Wizard DVD " authoring software for mpeg2. Import all video from discs there, edit and make new DVD with menu to navigate.

If you specify model we can check what format it gives out.


DVDShrink is one way, although you will loose the menus. All you really need is a dedicated authoring program. Just RIP all of the discs onto your HDD and then open/edit the files with your authoring program.