Dvd copy problem

I have several movies that are disc .They are burnt in UDF format.They would start to play and about mid movie , PowerDVD would freeze.
Using Dvddecrypter ,it would error out around 30% on the VOB 1 and stop. I have tried CDRoller , RescuePro w no luck. Is there any way to recover the movies.
P.S. Original movies I have no problem with :cop:

Hey fathead32,

Welcome to our fourm :clap: , you may want to clean the disc and/or the drive. Sometimes it helps. Tell me that result afterward,ok?

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I think the chances of recovery are slim. You can up the error retries in decrypter which might help, although not too likely.

What I’ve tried in the past is to use different optical drives & software (even explorer) and get different files from the disc with each one, finally piecing it all back together. I’ve got 6 optical drives on my systems so I have various options.