Dvd copy problem

I have tried burning dvd using a number of different programs including clonedvd, alcohol and dvd copy tools. I have no trouble copy the original dvd but playing. Using the same blank disks some play on ps2 and some wont. the ones that wont play on ps2 will play on my computer. Why does this happen?

you said that some discs play on the ps2 - which software did you use on the ones that did play??? are you using +r discs?? need to know what burner you are using and the type of media

All of the disks that ive used are -rw.

The programs I used are dvd copy tools, alcohol and clone dvd.

PS2’s generally don’t care much for RW discs, stick with write once media (a quality -R disc is really your best bet) for best results. BTW are these movies or games?

im doing movies at the moment but will do games once I or should i say if I master this.

I presume the problem of “one media playing, other not” in your PS2 is based on using different brands. I think in this case the media is the core issue, so try to use good brands and burn them at a lower speed.