DVD copy plays on PC burner, but not on DVD player for TV

I have backed up a half dozen movies on my AOpen DUW1616 burner (now 5 years old), but movies will play only on PC. I use PowerDVD software to view on PC. However, when I put on my TV’s DVD player, it acts like it is a disk that contains audio or stills, and I get some sort of menu that I would get with audio CD. In short, it does not see a movie and the movie does not play.
I use DVD Shrink and Verbatim 16X DVD+R single layer disks. Do I need to use dual layer? Friends at work say they never have this problem. I have spent far too much time on figuring this out. Life is too short for this time waste. http://club.myce.com/images/smilies/6/confused.gif

when you burned, did you select DVD-Video format? I think you selected DVD DATA instead, right?

copy the files back to hard drive then burn another disc, making sure to select the DVD-Video format…then let me know if that works for you

EDIT: also, if ur burner software does not create this folder: AUDIO_TS then [B]u need to create it[/B], at the same subdirectory level as the VIDEO_TS folder. The AUDIO_TS is just an empty folder but it does need to be there for the widest compatibility with standnalone DVD players