DVD copy plays fine on any PC however not on any DVD player

HI I made copies fine with Nero 8. I upgraded to Nero 9 and now DVDs will only play on a PC and not a DVD palyer. Does anyone know what I must change to get it back to the proper format? Thank You in advance!

I have been told that Nero 9 doesn’t put the AUDIO_TS folder on the burned disc, course you could check you copies to see if this is true or not.
I myself have Nero 8 and don’t plan on upgrading because I’ve heard about to many issues with it plus very seldom use it anyway.

That is what I heard also and if you have an older DVD player then it will not play the DVD but the newer ones will play them and as for me I have Nero 7 and not Nero 9 so I am also unable to clarify this