DVD Copy Pixelation

I need help solving a DVD copy problem.

I’m running XP on a 64 AMD Athalon, with a HL-DT-ST DVD-RAM GSA-H55N super-multi burner. The software is Slysoft’s AnyDVD and Clone DVD. I’ve tried a variety of brands of disks, and the latest is Memorex +R. I’m trying to play back on a Toshiba SD-1800 DVD player, which has no trouble playing a commercial DVD.

When playing the recorded DVD back on the computer, either the LG burner or another computer DVD drive, it plays FINE! The problem is that after about an hour of play on the SD-1800, the picture an sound begins to pixelate and ultimately freezes! I thought it might be the burner, so I replaced it with another similar LG drive and it made no difference.

The problem is apparently that the LG drive cannot make a disk that the SD-1800 can read.


Out of curiosity: what other disc brands have you tried besides the Memorex?

Also, what speed are you burning at?

Also, how much compression are you using in CloneDVD? If this is a very large movie, you might want to use an encoder instead.

If that is the case, try the free version of DVDRebuilder. By default it uses a very fine mpeg2 encoder called HC.

The two types of dvds we recommend most around here are Taiyo Yuden and Verbatim. Sony can sometimes be substituted if you cannot find the first two. TY is only found at online shops like rima.com and supermediastore.com if you are in the US.

Try slowing burn speed down to 8x.

[QUOTE=Arachne;2311901]Out of curiosity: what other disc brands have you tried besides the Memorex?

Also, what speed are you burning at?[/QUOTE]

The latest is 1.5X, down from 8X.

I’ve used whatever disks are on sale in 100 pack - Memorex, Sony, Matrix, with Memorex being the latest.

“Also, how much compression are you using in CloneDVD?”

In the latest tests, only a few %.

“Try slowing burn speed down to 8x.”

I’m down to 1.5X in tests, and still have the problem.

I’ve not tried Verbatim disks, and that seems the next logical step.

Hmm, the Sony discs should have worked fine at 8x…but yes, Verbatim would be the ultimate test to see if it’s media related, as it’s probably the most widely compatible stuff.

If Verbatims pixelate or have other problems. Then there’s quite a problem, and it may be worth looking at whether other settings on your system are correct besides just looking at the drives/media. :slight_smile:

As a rule though, no matter what I’m burning (or the drive used), I generally hover around 8x as a safe speed. No real need to go lower, although I can see why you’ve tried much slower speeds if nothing seems to be helping. :wink:

no question about it you have crappy media and need to get some good discs