DVD Copy option expired VS HD Decrypter

Rookie quiestion but today my trial version of DVD FAB has expired so I came to the forums and downloaded the newest version, but after I installed it and started up DVD FAB and tried copying a movie it says “The DVD Copy option is expired. You are going to use HD Decrypter.” So I pressed ok and tryied it out and everything seemed to do what it usually has before so I’m confused. 1) What’s the difference between the two? and 2) Why does it say my dvd copy option has expired when i downloaded the newest version of dvd fab? Thanks for any help.

Yeah, basically dvdfab stores info on computer that pay portion of program has been used without registration, it doesn’t matter if you install new version…it stores that it has been used.
But you can still use the “full disc” and “main movie” options since that part is free to use.

yea i figured it was stored in my computer somewhere that would show that i had it previously to where i couldn’t just keep updating and be able to have it free forever…but i still don’t understand the difference between dvd copy and hd decrypter where it said that. . . still would like to know more about that…thanks for the reply by the way

The HD Decrypter doesn’t compress the movie and it always lags about 60 days or more for the updates for the new protection thats coming out, You can go to the DVDFAB website and read up on the difference

The movie I copied after clicking ok to use dvd decrypter was compressed after it finished. . .