DVD copy-on-the-fly slow, please help

Hi guys,

Can’t fix this problem: I have two very similar computers, running exactly the same software. The one (3500+ AMD Athlon) will copy a DVD on-the-fly in about 13 minutes, the other (3200+ AMD Athlon) takes 43-46 minutes to copy the same DVD. I have tried re-installing Nero, but it didn’t help. Also swopping the two identical Lite-On Combo’s had no effect. Surely the difference in hardware can’t cause such a huge difference in performance?

3500+ AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939:

  • 2x 512MB Kingston DDR400 RAM
  • 74.6 GB Western Digital SATA 10 000 rpm Raptor HD
  • 160 GB Western Digital SATA 7200 rpm 8MB buffer HD
  • Gigabyte nForce4 SLi Socket 939 MoBo (K8NU-SLI)
  • Gigabyte nVidia GeForce 6600GT Turbo Force Edition PCI-Express
  • Lite-On Combo Drive
  • Lite-On DVD-RW

3200+ AMD Athlon 64 Socket 939:

  • 2x 256MB Transcend DDR400 RAM
  • 160 GB Western Digital SATA 7200 rpm 8MB buffer HD
  • Gigabyte nForce4 4X Socket 939 MoBo (K8NF939)
  • Gigabyte nVidia GeForce 6600 PCI-Express
  • Lite-On Combo Drive
  • Lite-On DVD-RW

Both PC’s run Windows XP Pro with Service Pack 1a and Nero Ultra v6.6.0.1. All other software also the same.

Please help.

they are not exactly the same (they are similar though)
1)different motherboards
2)different harddisk combination
I would guess the 74.6 GB raptor WD SATA 10 000 rpm is a major factor

i think he is talking bout dvd to dvd, like maybe his burnt dvd to dvd, well maybe one of the drives didnt enable the higher read speed of burnt media

Copying DVD’s on the fly is not an easy task. Problems with copying are usually due to the source drive not keeping up. Even identical combo drives will not necessarily read a given disk at the same speeds. If you are using Nero, just watch the read buffer and if it falls, then the source drive is your trouble. You can confirm this with CDSpeed Transfer Rate Test on the same disc.

Standard troubleshooting steps apply: check for DMA on ALL drives, swap IDE cables, etc., etc. Lower your burn speed too.

If you are making multiple copies of the same disc, creating an ISO and burning that will save you time anyway.

@ Colonel Debugger
With all things being ‘equal’(same drive capabilities, same media)I would check your DMA for the slower setup, making sure both drives have a ‘current transfer mode’ of at least ‘Ultra DMA mode 2’… I would also check your configuration for the slow machine…are these two drives on the same IDE channel? Also if you are running other programs or multi-tasking during the burn, that may affect our transfer speed. Do you notice buffer underruns?

If these suggestions don’t help and you want further help, post a Nero Infotool output for each system. Run the tool, then click the diskette icon in the infotool toolbar and save as a .txt file, making sure all 8 boxes are checked. Attach to post using the ‘manage attachments’ button in the ‘go advanced’ reply window. Also save and post a burn log from each setup. Remove your nero serial number from the top of the each log and attach as described above.

After fixing your bad DMA settings you should also upgrade your buggy nero version.