Dvd Copy Of Incredibles Disc2



I Was Able To Copy (dvdclone) Intcredibles Disc1 And Plays Fine In Dvd Player. But Disc2 When Copied Will Not Play In Dvd Player Like Original. What Have I Done Wrong? I Can Play On Laptop When I Use Mouse To Click My Way Through It But Don’t Get Any Opening Menus.
Thank You (nb)


You might want to try anydvd free trial and then try and copy again as long as you own the disk and your making one copy for your own personal use. It worked for me just a couple of weeks ago. This program runs in the background. I copied and burned the movie with shrink and decrypter and it came out fine. Hope this helps and welcome to the forum.

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what is the media code on youy media (use this free program to read it)?
also, what burner and if you know, what firmware are you using?


Off topic: Hey ripit. Whats the word on the baby now?


The due date was the 31st, then they said it was too far along for that and changed it to the 21st, now they have changed it to the 31 again, so basically, who knows, but any day now. I havent really had much free time latley to really stress about it (to much to do). I guess that is what she gets for wanting a two bedroom so we had a storage room, so now that she packed all my stuff away in the storage room and it has to come back out, reorganizing the house and making a nursery has become a major ongoing project (still not done). Of course thiers baby stuff everywhere (from baby showers and such) and no where to put it all.
I get the impression it will be sometime next week, but who knows, it could be any time!!!