Dvd copy light blinking

im trying to make a backup of a dvd film, when i put in the dvd, the light on the drive just keeps blinking and i cannot see the films contents even after using see all contents in windows, i have tried clonedvd, shrink, nero etc
the film does play in my house dvd player though, i tried the film in two different drives same result. the disk is not scratched at all. how do i copy it
if none of the drives see it

try cleaning it with rubbing alchohol, rubbing from the ceter to the rim. that is, NOT circular motion.
If that does not work, exchange disc.

I recently had a drive that did exactly what you’re describing, and eventually it started scratching the reading surface of the discs, presumably because the reading laser was coming into contact with the surface of the discs. If the drive starts spinning up and you hear a grinding noise, eject the dvd immediately. However, since you seem to be experiencing your problem with two drives as once, it seems less likely that it’s a hardware problem. In addition to cleaning the discs, try reading them in a friend’s computer.