Dvd copy failure



I am suffering from intermittent failure using a pioneer 106 external with windows xp. I am using the latest versions of clone dvd and anydvd, and about half of the discs I copy are bad.

The frustrating thing is that it says the copy was successful, only when I try to play the dvd’s do I get the problem. None of my players recognize the bad discs.

ANy advice on this matter would be appreciated.


It might be burning fine but the media you are using is not up to par, or your DVD player might not like burned disks. What media (media code if you can post it) and what player are you using ?


The media I am using is Memorex 4x +r.

I do not think it is the media because I was copying great with the same configuration and the same media.


Lots of standalone players and dvdroms can’t play +R media! Have you already burned +R dvds which were recognized and played by your players?