DVD Copy decoder 64-bit Vista or

I downloaded a DVD copy program that requires a decoder to copy protected DVDs and recommended one. I downloaded it to my laptop running 32-bit Vista and it works fine. I also downloaded both the copier and the decoder to my desktop but when I ran the decoder I got an error message that said it was incompatible with my 64-bit Vista on the desk top.

So, two questions:

  1. anybody know of a decoder that will work on a 64-bit Vista system?


  1. How can I switch my desk top from 64-bit to 32-bit operation?

Please email a reply to me at:


And the name of this unknown copy program and decoder is? If you just want to rip a commercial DVD to your hard drive try DVD FAB HD Decrypter, the free part of DVD FAB, or you can use AnyDvd. Kind of foolish to post your email.