DVD Copy/Burning using 1Click



Good Day to all. I am new, so please be easy on me. I consider myself pretty computer savy, however, I have been making “coasters” all morning, so please forgive me. Here’s the reader’s digest version:
I purchased a new Optirac burner along with a Sony DVD Rom so I could copy movies…and then purchased 1Click…Easy enough…I am able to save the DVD copy to my hardrive, however, when it comes to “burning”, I get several error messages, or the Disc begins to burn for several %'s of movie and then either freezes-up or yet another error message. The trouble shooter suggests I try another type of media. I am using Sony +R discs. I also believe I have the latest firmware installed (1.5)…I also have a burn log, DVD log if that would help anyone…Please, I need help!!! Thanks in advance, Chris


Yeah it’ll help if you post a burn log…I’m not familiar with 1 click but,are you able to play the flick off your HDD ok?
Most likely it’s media a issue, try different media (e.g. verbatims…


I am very familiar with 1ClicktoDVD ( LG Software) but this thread will have to be moved to the 1ClicktoDVD Forum where others can chime in here to help. Hi Sparkdogy2k and welcome to the forum, we have different sub-forums for each software , it usually is best to post in the forum that applys to the software you are using. I will have the thread moved.


Thanks guys for your suggestions, in the future I will post to the correct forum. In the meantime, someone suggested I decrease the burn speed. I did just that, and it worked!! Thanks again