DVD copies will not recopy

Help… I am new to all this so be gentle.

9 times out of 10 I can not copy from my already copied DVD’s. I mainly use CloneDVD and AnyDVD. Has anyone any suggestions.

I recently tried DVDfab but that has the same problems.

Thanx for anyones help!!!


More details please. What do you mean by “can’t copy”?

How are you trying to copy them? On the fly? From the hard drive etc.

I have a copy of The Phantom Menace that was copied (inclusive of menus) with CloneDVD… It’s plays as the original…

I tried to recopy this. I started CloneDVD and just before completing the initial copy to the Temp file it came up with a Read Sector Error.

I tried to copy it on DVD-cloner and this just failed. The same on DVD copy Xpress and then I just tried DVDfab and again it failed.

Am I doing something wrong? (Must be really) I just don’t know what.


It sounds like the media is not of the best quality.

What drive are you using to read the disc?

Have you tried copying the files to your hard drive first by simply copying and pasting them in Windows? Then afterwards burning a data DVD video?

Help again…

Thanks for the reply… I have now managed to copy onto the hard drive the disk… but when I come to copy the video file to disk using CloneDVD it says that it is copyrighted.

I can copy in DVDfab but it wants to split onto two discs and I want it on one…

Could you please advise me how to copy from the hard drive to 1 dvd disc. I don’t know what software to use?

Thank you for your help and support so far


luckiesal :bigsmile: