DVD copies to the PC



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I have a lot of important DVDs which I have bought that I would like to copy to my PC. What is the best way doing it? Till now, I “Copy”–”Paste” the folder of the DVD to the Hard disk. Is this method recommended? Does “ALL” the information copied to the PC? What about error correction? Does Windows deal with it?

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That won’t work for most Video DVD’s as they are copy protected.
Start by downloading Ripit4me, DVD decryptor & DVDShrink.

For any data DVD’s which are not copy-protected (which are not games or programs), you can just drag & drop in explorer.

Copy protected Games & Program DVDs will require something like alcohol or blindwrite to dump the image for you.


Thanks debro, 2 last questions, on DATA DVDs, does the “Drag” and “Drop” provide a 1:1 copy, also is there a SW which can help on copied DATA DVDs which are problematic (many scratches)


Drag and drop makes a 1:1 copy of the data files.

If you want to preserve all the errors/ error correction data/etc (like exists on copy protected disks) you will need to use something like the Blindsuite or Alcohol.

The blindsuites origins were for recovery of badly scratched discs.

Some people advise gently rubbing with toothpaste/oils/brasso/etc before reading.
It’s not usually recommended unless you are grabbing everything off the disc & then turfing it though :wink:

You can use blindsuite or Alcohol to dump the DVD to an image on your HD, and then use Daemon tools to mount the image & pull the files off, if it is problematic.