DVD Converting

Hi guys…

I need help on a few thing here…

  1. Can I actually re-encode a DVD9 disc and squeeze it into a 4.7GB DVD? If possible, how do i do it?

  2. How can I burn a DVD from SP mode into LP or even EP Mode?

Thanks in Advance!!
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answer to Q1. click my dvd shrink guide link and see if that helps.
answer to Q2. no idea what u mean

i think i know what you mean by question 2, you see on blank dvds that they can store 2 hrs SP, 4 hrs LP etc. That involves changing the quality.

I’m not very sure…

I want to compress a 4.95GB DVD to fit a 4.7GB DVD… is that possible?

Use Intervideo DVD copy 3 and copy the DVD to DVD. It will take the 4.95 DVD and compress it to fit on a 4.7 while its copying.

I used this program to copy a DVD9 to a DVD5 with no loss of quality.

Yeah, just use DVDShrink.

This SP/EP/LP/etc business is really just a method of making the capacity of the DVD format familiar to the average person, as most people don’t know how ‘long’ a 4.38 GB disc really is. You can forget about that notation when you understand the actual data capacity of the discs.