Dvd converting taking days and very large files

Hello Im having a problem copying dvds for my zune 80. Im using xilisoft dvd ripper. I have already copied a DVD to my pc in wmv format and works fine, it took around 4 hours. The Problem was the dvd was copied in letter box mode so the picture size was too small. Iv now tried experimenting with the zoom setting to full mode but as a result converting takes ages. Infact I set it copying 24 hours ago and is still converting! Also I have a problem of the files getting to sizes over 20 gigs. I have kinda solved that problem by setting video quality to custom at setting it just about as low i it can go (38kbps).:frowning:

If you set the video bitrate too low it will look awful, even on small screen of a Zune.

You should choose a screen resolution suitable for the Zune display i.e. 320 x 240, which will save you a lot more filespace than taking the bitrate down so drastically.