DVD converters?

Hello - I am looking for a program(preferably free) that will convert a variety of file extensions associated with movie downloads to a file that my DVD players will recognize. I usually use Nero 7 for all my actual burning. Thanks for your help! :wink: D

Explain " movie downloads ", and we’ll be glad to help…

There are several converter programs that we recommend on a regular basis around here. They are AVStoDVD, DVDFlick and FAVC.




Each of these will take you from video files of various sorts to a finished dvd ready to burn. Each can be set up to burn automatically with an excellent, free burning program called ImgBurn.

DVDFlick is probably the easiest to use for beginners. FAVC is the hardest to set up since you have to install Net2.0 and Avisynth as well, but there are links to those free programs at the FAVC site.

AVStoDVD and FAVC have the potential to produce better quality output since they can use a very respected mpeg2 encoder called HCenc.

Awesome - thank you all. By movie downloads I mean the types you get from Isohunt torrents. When I saw the word “easy” I went STRAIGHT for that DVD flick. Turned it right into a TS_video which I know works perfectly with my Nero. This is a great forum - thanks again! D:bow:

Happy to help for this general sort of question, but you should be aware that we cannot help you if you run into problems with copyright protected materials off of the torrents.

The forum rules are fairly strict on this point. We can help with downloaded materials that are in public domain, or where you have permission from the copyright holders. Permission to use their material normally involves payment of some sort, but not always. There are examples of videos distributed on the net simply to get more exposure for the author. Commercially made movies on torrents are almost always illegal to download, depending on your local laws of course, but this site follows Dutch law in this matter, and we cannot offer help with commercial movie files off of torrents.

Hahaha - just films of a party - no worries. Thanks again K, D:D

Could you tell me the model of your DVD, maybe you can search a video converter on the Google.