DVD Converter Ultimate 3



Rip DVD Movies

[li]Convert DVD to AVI, DVD, MKV, PS3, DIVX, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android,etc.[/li][li]and Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264, M2ts, WebM, Xvid…[/li][li]Copy DVD to DVD[/li][li]Multiple audio + subtitles tracks supported[/li][li]Video edition: cut off unwanted parts, image post processing, subtitle edition[/li][li]Clear timeline display + preview for video edition[/li][li]Supports ISO images as input files[/li][li]Special mkv and avi remux profiles included[/li][li]Chapter support[/li][/ul]Extra Fast

[li]Quality helper guides you for your custom settings to get the best quality[/li][li]Live preview[/li][li]Uses Advanced Image Filter for best image quality[/li][li]Processes simultaneous conversions[/li][li]Optimized for multi-core processors meaning you get even faster conversions[/li][li]Use Hardware encoding NVIDIA CUDA convert 3x’s faster[/li][li]DXVA2 hardware decoding: NVIDIA CUDA, Intel, ATI technology[/li][li]2 pass encoding for enhanced quality[/li][li]Multiple simultaneous conversions possible[/li][/ul]Simplified with Advanced technology

[li]Rip DVD main movie or episodes[/li][li]Convert Bonus[/li][li]Files displayed in a clear straightforward manner[/li][li]Multiple angles films supported[/li][li]Forced subtitles supported[/li][li]Choice of various video codecs H264, Mpeg4, Xvid, AC3, AAC, DTS[/li][li]Create your own custom profiles with your favorite codecs, resolutions, and bitrates[/li][li]Padding and cropping options[/li][/ul]Play your conversions on any Device

[li]Many outputs supported in VSO DVD converter (see supported formats)[/li][li]Standard and High Definition output possible[/li][li]Burning engine included: burn your converted file to DVD, compatible with any burner and DVDs[/li][li]Create Menus when converting to DVD output[/li][/ul]*No external codecs or additional software needed except a decrypter (free) if converting from protected DVDs.


[I][B]Changes in VSO DVD Converter Ultimate, Released September 05, 2014:[/B][/I]

  • 0008457: [Bug] Video Aspect Ratio in custom settings doesn’t work (greyed out). (cedric) – resolved.
  • 0008456: [Feature Request] Add motion estimation settings in custom profile editor (cedric) – resolved.
  • 0008455: [Feature Request] Add Trellis, mixed-refs, 8×8 and loop filter settings in custom profile editor (cedric) – resolved.
  • 0008454: [Bug] CUDA H264 presets (veryfast->veryslow) gives low quality results (cedric) – resolved.
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