DVD - convert to CD-R?

How can I make a copy of 1 DVD movie into 1 CD-R ? It’s possible?
What program to use ? :confused:

I think you mean you want to make a DivX movie? DivX is a hack of M$ MPEG-4 codec and will convert a standard DVD movie to about 700MB’s (depending on compression, etc.). It’s not an easy process but you can find excellent manual at www.doom9.net .

If you are new to this, I recommend a nice little program called DVDx. Not the greatest quality, but easy to use, uses barely any space, and is relatively fast.

The new DivX 4.0+ codec is actually no longer a “hack” version of the MS MPEG-4 codec. In fact it’s a complete re-write of codes. The latest version is 4.12.

if u need more info regarding dvd ripping n other stuff i suggest u go here n read a bit www.vcdhelp.com
good luck

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