DVD consortium loses court case over DVD copying

A California judge handed a victory to Kaleidescape, which manufactures home media servers, ruling that the company’s products do not violate the DVD industry’s CSS license. The company was sued by the DVD Copy Control Association, which said that Kaleidescape’s media servers violate its standard licensing contract.

Story: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20070329-dvd-consortium-loses-court-case-over-dvd-copying.html

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Lol! Surprise.

A company NOT breaking the law when content producers accuse them of attacking their monopoly … err … never mind.

Change the laws! Then … Off with their heads!

Did you two actually read the article? The court’s ruling is not something we lowly consumers can benefit from :slight_smile:

This case was decided in favor of Kalidescape because the wording was so poorly written in the contract that it was deemed unenforcible. It was not decided on the legality of copying.

Oh yes!
You’d be suprised at how ingenious us lowly consumers can be at times :wink:

Seething under this mass of Idiots, are a talented few that can be surprisingly intellectual at times :wink: