Dvd compression?



hi i’m a newby to compressing dvd’s and what i wouldl like to do if possible is compress a dvd to possible 1.2gb to 2 dvd movies without bonus features just movie as this can be done but dont know how please help yours rogerer.

ps. i bought a dvd from a carboot wich as 3 dvd movies on when i inserted it into dvd player i checked the files each one was un 2 gb each i knowhow to create my onw back up but dont know how to shrink it to under 2gb pls help yours rogerer…


ur post is somewhat hard to read, but am i right in assuming u want to combine movies from multiple dvds onto a single dvd? if so, try following this guide.

u should consider the use of punctuations (such as commas and periods) to break up the text into logical parts to make it easier to read.