DVD Compression

hi. just a short question.

i have a 7+ gig DVD files which i want to burn into a 4.7gig DVD.

which is the best software to use? and any tutorials?


Try dvdshrink b/c it’s free. If you are happy with the results, then great! There are tons of tutorials around the web just do a google search.

For the best compression quality make sure you do the deep analysis before actual shrinking.

What kind of files are you talking about?

It’s surely a bunch of .VOBs and the necessary .ifo and .bup files too. :wink:

A Link to some guides

you bet chef. your a genius!
thanks sikoone and agomes. gonna take a look at it now.

appreciate it guys. Godbless

Cinemacraft Encoder Pro, 3 pass VBR :smiley:

There again maybe you should stick to DVDShrink, deep analysis, adaptive error set to SHARP (default) I find that the latest shrink with these settings provide a better picture than DVD2One and especially on difficult scenes.

thanks guys. ive tried dvdshrink and it works great. 7 gigs compressed to 4.7! :clap:

there is just another thing, i have another set of DVD rips. .vob .ifo etc.
but they are seperated into 6 folder. folder named disk 1-6.

my problem is that each folder only holds like 1.7 to 1.9 gig.
can i join 3 of this disk, e.g. disk 1 to 3, into 1 DVD and compress (coz its 5.5 gig all) and burn it?

i dont want to waste 6 DVDs burning this 6 folders seperately.

*sorry for my english, if its not clear il provide some screen shots to help clear things up.

thanks for the huge help so far. :slight_smile:

Hey rockista,

Glad you like the results with DVDShrink.

Yes you can combine titles using the Re-Author mode of DVDShrink. To do so, simply click on the reauthor button (next to the Full Disk button on the top right of the Shrink interface). Then drag each file you want on to the disk using the dvd browser(right underneath the reauthor button). You will however lose any menus which were on each separate disk.

oh… thanks. this DVD Shrink works wonders for me. :iagree:

is there any .avi compressor too? or .avi are already compressed?

thanks a lot guys. totally enjoyed using the software. :bigsmile:

.avi can be anything from uncomressed to mpeg4/xvid/divx compressed format.

Best is to run Gspot on them to find out.

i think most of my .avi files are xvid. so is there any chance to compress them all the more?

You should know it, because you state that you have compressed them yourself. By lowering resolution and bitrate, almost any stuff can be “smallered” in size.