DVD Compression software

My SOP when ripping DVDs is to run it through DVD shrink and If need be use both deep analysis and adaptive error compensation. So far the results have been good.

The problem is the two-three hours it takes shrink to do this.

Two questions come to mind:

  1. What compression software gives the best results when time is not a factor (optimum quality)?


2 What compression software gives the best results when time IS a factor (best trade-off between quality and time)?

or to put it another way,

  1. Is there anything out there that will give me results similar to DVD shrink ( using both deep analysis and adaptive error compensation) without the long processing time?

Shrink is getting kind of long of tooth so I thought there might be faster compression software that gives comparable output quality .

Any ideas?

  1. In my opinion DVD Rebuilder alongside a good quality encoder such as CCE SP or HC offers the greatest quality.

  2. Again DVD Rebuilder with CCE SP (HC is slower), only with the encoder settings geared more towards speed than quality.

  3. I don’t think so, DVD Shrink is about as quick as it gets. You could try Nero Recode 2, which is basically just the updated version of DVD Shrink (same author).

The times for Shrink is because you are using the AEC settings. Deep Analysis also takes 20-30 minutes.

If you want it faster, turn those off but you may not get as good quality.

DVD-Rebuilder will give you the best pciture quality most of the time but at the expense of time. The HC Encoder will six hours easily on my system.

If you want fast then use DVD2One which is commercial. A DVD will take about 20 minutes to compress because there is no equivalent Deep Anlysis or AEC. You get no control over what gets compressed by how much like Shrink does. You just select movie only or full disc mode.

Nero Recode is basically Shrink and is about 15-20% faster.

15-20%? You’re sure about that? Sounds like a lot to me.

I have been using DVD Shrink and it seems pretty good. As far as the time it takes there are a few things you can do to improve the time, but that depends on what kind of hardware you currently have. Here are my suggestions and things I found that help.

1.) Higher end processor, the better. In general DVD Shrink will peg your processor utilization at 100% even if you have a higher end P4 or Athlon. This is only true for version 3.14. The older versions would only utilize your processor by about 60%.

2.) Memory will make some difference, however DVD Shrink will not use more than 512Mb of ram.

3.) Faster Hard drives. You can use a SATA2 drive to improve performance. Since DVD Shrink uses the hard drive to create an image before burning a faster disc interface will help.

4.) Make sure that Windows is using DMA instead of PIO mode for your drives.

DVD Shrink will still take a little time to create the image but you can improve it by having a little bit more horsepower. I had an older machine with an AMD K6-2 @550Mhz (overclocked) and ATA100 hard drives and DVDShrink took 3 hours to complete. Since my computer upgrade this time has been reduced a lot. The same disc is now taking about 20 minutes. The time DVD shrink takes varies a lot. If the program needs to do more compression than it will take a lot longer.

When set to it DVD Shrink will encode straight to ISO so there’s no need for a faster hard drive at all. I haven’t seen any drive yet that couldn’t handle the 5 MB/s that Shrink encodes at (if your CPU is fast enough) nor have I seen any CPU that could do it faster.

As shown in writer and blank media tests burning at 8x still is a risky business even though the disc may playback flawlessly a couple of times. So no need for a faster drive here either.

I am getting an error message much more often now then I used to when using DVD Shrink and it’s saying “data error: cyclic redundancy check”.

Does anyone know what I can to fix that because it will not allow me to go any further and it’s happening a lot more now, especially with newer movies.