DVD Compliance failure fom Premier/Encore - help, please!



I shot stuff on my Sony TRV-17 miniDV camera. I captured it and edited it in Premier Pro 1.5. I used Encore 1.5 to create the DVD folder. Then, when I go to burn that folder as a DVD-Video in Nero, I get a “DVD video compliance failure” error.

I’ve found lots of responses in here, but they’re all regarding ripping movies. I’ve made these movies myself! Why aren’t they burning? Any help would be appreciated.

Does anyone know of any tools I can use to “massage” the folder of VOBs so they’re compliant and will burn?


Doesn’t Encore have a burning function? For what they charge, it should. Have you tried capturing with Nero Vision? It probably doesn’t have as many features as the Adobe products, but you will be able to burn it with Nero.