DVD compatibility with burners?



I have 2 sony burners, an internal (sony DW-D22A) and an external (sony DRU-710A). I am trying to decide what DVDs to buy to burn my first DV Video project. I am a newbie so I have tried to do some research. I read all kinds of help information on DVDs. Still confused.

I found videohelp.com and a chart which contained my 2 burners. I am just not sure how to read the chart. Under the column heading for “write support,” my burners have only the following three in common:

Does this mean that I can only purchase those three types of discs in order to be able to burn them on both burners? (i.e., I cannot buy a DVD-R disc of any sort and expect it to be compatible in both burners?) (note: the chart for my internal sony lists 8x DVD-R ZCLV; the chart for my external lists 12x DVD-R PCAV).

Hope someone can help. I tried looking before posting. Thanks in advance! :confused:



Sonys (Lite-Ons) are known to like +R medias-

I would strongly suggest using Taiyo Yuden medias (some of the best in the world) and reasonably priced - the best vendor is Rima at www.rima.com-

Or if you are near a Best Buy they have the Fuji Branded 8x +R’s for $40 for 100 cakebox and you get Tayio Yuden ONLY if you pick up the ones that are “Made In Japan”

Happy Burnin’



Thanks so much! I will buy +R. I would never have known that, thanks!

I am looking specicifcally for printable DVDs, and I have seen the Taiyo Yuden printables come highly recommended by the video experts.

As for your Best Buy advice, are you saying that if I buy the Fugi brand at Best Buy, I am getting Taiyo Yuden if it says “made in Japan” on the Fugi label? (sorry?)



Yup - you read that right-



Can I buy “8x DVD+R” even though neither of my burners have that one listed under the “write support” column on videohelp.com? (They both have “16x DVD+R”; does that mean they can burn at a lesser speed of 8x?)

Thank you for your help! Sorry to keep pestering. I am almost there!


You can buy 8x media, it means your drive supports writing speed up to 16x!


You are my hero today. Thanks!